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If you have references from a year ago, do you contact them to let them know you are interviewing and that they might be contacted?
MsBrown19 My references were requested after my interview. They were not taken from my application. I sent my references a message/email so they had a heads up that an email would be coming. That way they knew to look out for it In case it went to spam and could locate information pertaining to me (ex. previous evaluations) for my previous supervisors.
ecd5 I'm already in DoDEA so they will check my references from my EAS application. I'm just not sure if I should give my previous DoDEA principals a heads up since they entered references for me last year (not this year)
May 31
MsBrown19 Gotcha!
May 31
HelpOthers I would. Sometimes they contact your references before asking for an interview, sometimes after, and sometimes not at all.

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