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I had an interview this past weekend and I'm just waiting for feedback at this point. I'm thinking that I've probably not been selected, but I'm relieved that I now have the interview experience. Honestly, after several years of applying, I am happy just to make it to the top of the slush pile to even get an interview.

So I had a dilemma this morning when I went in to check and make sure my application reflected my qualifications for future referrals/interviews. I did not have the correct level of education selected! I forgot to change it this past update after I earned more credit. I am wondering if it matters a great deal that it initially stated Masters, and now it's Masters+30.

All of my transcripts are provided that show this, but I know that with HR and principals so busy playing catch-up, it may go unnoticed unless it can be quickly scanned in the short report. But then again, I'm reading that it really doesn't matter in some cases as the principal will choos...See More
haha It is all levels of progress. A referral is better than no referral, if for no other reason than you know there is nothing wrong with your EAS and the system has admitted that you are likely qualified for an actual position. An interview is further progress in that a principal had a job opening, reviewed your EAS and wanted to consider your candida...See More
ecd5 The only thing that the masters +30 will help with is determining your actual salary after you are selected. I also do not think that it would be a deciding factor on whether or not you are selected over another candidate with a master's degree.
moont Thanks you guys! I was feeling the same about the technicality of it not mattering, but uneasy about technology shooting out a referral list based on edu levels and certs. Thought I may have shot myself in the foot for past opportunities.

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