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So far I'm a little disappointed that only my classroom pre-k experience has been counted towards the steps. Does anyone know if these should be counted as well and is it worth appealing?

1) I was previously a certified teacher for Early Intervention Birth to Three. My cert is B to K and that has always counted anywhere I have worked.

2) The Director of an Teaching Certificate program (college level) for teachers preparing them for the B to K. This also has always counted since I had to have the certificate to have the job. And I wrote and taught the curriculum.

3) A state level consultant with quasi educational agency proving training and TA. Again I had to have the certificate to do the job.
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Icanread Unfortunately, I believe the experience must be teaching K-12 students.
haha Pretty much only experience in settings comparable to what DoDEA offers is usually counted (which would mean Pre-K/K-12). I also had some years of experience in SPED role that was actually half admin/half teaching, and that was not counted since it was not a full time teaching position. I have conflicting stories of college teaching being counted a...See More
MsW Well its quite a bump down (just steps/not salary) not complaining about the salary just a little surprised. Maybe my ego is wounded lol. I would have thought B to 3 would count because its such valuable and related service.
haha It's natural to feel disappointed (financially and emotionally). I was disappointed because I figured a .5 admin/.5 teacher position would be especially relevant and helpful for a DoDEA teacher. And since I was the admin, I could have told my secretary to write it up as a full time teacher or whatever I wanted her to on the experience form (if I wa...See More
MsW If they didn't count that experience then they certainly aren't going to count my other stuff!

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