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Is anyone familiar with this company?
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hunter190 I contacted this specific company three years ago for a position in Japan. They were so thrilled that they sent me a contract to sign. No interview. They just sent the contract. The company had a clause that prohibited me from applying for a similar position in the DOD for three years after the contract ended. Also, the compensation was not competi...See More
ecd5 Yes you have to read their 20 some page contract carefully. They cut out tuition for dependents, maternity leave, etc. from what I understand and combined housing allowance with pay which means you would NOT be eligible for LQA and there is NO RAT
ecd5 @hunter190 I think they usually send out a sample contract for you to view, but the actual interviews come from EDIS at the specific location that has the opening. Sterling does the background paperwork, but the clinic interviews and makes their selection
Jun 30
Justme098 Wow! Thank you everyone!
haha Ah, thanks for the firsthand input. I will stop saying the pay/benefits are comparable. It always looked that way from the blurb that was posted on the website. It does make more sense when you realize that they list a salary and say they also offer housing, but don't really spell out that the listed salary INCLUDES the housing allowance).

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