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Curious to know if anyone has had referrals to any locations in Japan for secondary math? And if any one knows how often these positions become available. Would love to be able to reach out there :)

Thank you in advance!
haha Always tough to predict, even with information about recent frequency of openings. But, I would say that Math is obviously a good area to have. There are basically openings every year and some years there could be multiple openings at a given complex, especially if there are multiple schools/levels at that location (Middle and High School).
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Jun 30
mathgeek @haha Thank you for always responding! I have started looking into courses to add to my certification. Just trying to narrow down which online program would best and subject area to look into.
Thomas I received a referral for a ms math position in okinawa a couple of weeks ago. No request to interview and won't anyway.

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