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Who knows anything about this? I am headed to Okinawa, Japan. Unfortunately, my family will remain in the states so my daughter can finish high school. She is in a Montessori program and we think it is in her best interest as well as our family's that they remain in the states for this purpose as well as school will already be in progress by the time I PCS. Could we possibly qualify for Separate Maintenance Allowance?
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IsItFriday? I guess you just ask. You're definitely not getting it, if you don't ask.,)%2C%20and%20Transitional%20(TSMA)%3A
Jul 10
Icanread My husband had to go back to the states to work and we got approved for SMA. No documentation was really needed, except a signed letter by me stating the reason why. Super easy to apply for.
Jul 10
haha Well, there you go. That sounds a lot more feasible/common than I would have thought from my limited experience/perspective.
Jul 10
IsItFriday? Agreed.

I'm certain there are employees who have qualified for this allowance. But it never occurred to them to ask.

Usually I agree, or disagree with someone. Or I correct someone's calculations. (Jeez, just get a calculator.)

But it's been a while since anyone taught me something on this board. Nicely shared subman and...See More
Jul 11
MsW Is it Friday. Your honesty and tell it like it is one of the reasons I keep coming back...
Jul 11

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