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Can you ship American appliances, washer/dryer to Japan?

Do homes in Okinawa generally come furnished or unfurnished?

Do you bank on base or keep your account in the US?

Are spouses and defendants covered by DODEA insurance?

How do you decide what to ship and what you should store?
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mathgeek @dodea or bust Congratulations! Where will you be teaching at?
Jul 11
DODEA or Bust @mathgeek, Okinawa, Kadena Middle School
haha Welcome aboard! :D
Jul 11
HelpOthers Again, I suggest joining a Facebook Group or several related to military-affiliated individuals living in Oki. There are usually groups for each military facility that include freebies, swap pages, general information, pet pages, etc.

I agree with the advice given above and may be repeating some below in my answers...

Can you shi...See More
Jul 11
Ida One item to add about the banks. Make sure you contact all banks and credit cards to ask about Foreign Transaction fees. Because it is is easy to pay with cards, it feels like it is easy to keep your bank. But you don't want to pay like a 5% fee every time your swipe or use an ATM.

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