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I had my first interview two weeks ago and was asked to submit 3 references of people who have supervised me. Looks like they have reached out to my references listed in EAS as well. I know this is not a guarantee but makes me hopeful.
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CaliBred @hunter190. @mathgeek. Have either of you heard anything yet? Just curious because my references were requested on the 13th and I have not heard anything yet, although I am still a few days shy of two weeks. I was also told the position may not be filled until as late as late October.
Jul 22
hunter190 I received a tentative offer on Monday. My interview was on July 1st.
Jul 22
hunter190 Forgot to tell you, I had a friend who had an interview in late May. She received her tentative offer yesterday! Don't give up hope!!
Jul 22
mathgeek @hunter190 congratulations!! Where will you be heading and what subject? @calibred I am still waiting to hear back, but staying positive.
Jul 22
CaliBred @hunter190. Congratulations!!!!! Wow! You and your friend took longer than the two weeks I was told. I felt really good about this interview...this time. Not giving up hope. @mathgeek good luck.
Jul 22

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