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I am a newish teacher (certified K-6) beginning my research into DoDEA schools overseas. My dad is still active duty, and I went to a DoDEA high school in Germany.

How difficult is it to pick your base? I am specifically interested in England. Is that a popular place, or do positions open up there? This would be a few years down the line for me after I get my master's in reading. Just looking for some information as to how hard it would be to get a position in England and stay there.

Thank you.
IsItFriday? How difficult is it to pick your base?

Part of me wants to say Very Easy!

You pick the base you want in the EAS application system, wait for an interview, turn down all the offers for the bases you don't want, and then just wait, and say yes when they offer you a position at your favorite base.


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Jul 13
haha Getting into DoDEA at any location is generally considered challenging due to the relatively low numbers of openings (200+/- most years) and high numbers of qualified candidates in the system (10's of thousands across all subject areas). So, getting hired to the exact base or even country you are targeting could be even more challenging.

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Jul 13
ecd5 If England is where you want to be, you should just wait. It's unlikely that you'll get a transfer there any time soon if you accept a position in another location. You'll be way too low on the transfer round list as a new teacher and new to DoDEA. Also, there isn't much indication that there will even be a transfer round any time soon.

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Jul 13
HelpOthers Turn down interviews for locations you don't want to go. Do not turn down offers. Turning down one offer will freeze your application for the remainder of the year and will be noted on your application for future interviewers to see.

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