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If we set our availability for November will they still look at our application now or not until November?
Cookie Your question was already answered on the FB page I believe.
Educator ut I asked on both at the same time, but I can't find delete on here.
Educator ut It wasn't really answered though, I already know they hire all year. I was more curious if they would look at my application now even if it was set for November availability since it would be a few months until I would actually make it over there anyway. Or if the availability date needs to have passed before they look at applications.
Ida I think this one that can't totally be answered In that we don't know for sure how the computer searches for items. So if you have it set for Nov and they can't find any other applications then they might look at it. But if what you are actually wondering is because the paperwork takes so long they will look at anyone available from now until Nov I...See More
haha Tough to say. A fair amount of people have reported getting referrals etc, during the year, even though their availability was set to the following school year, etc.

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