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I was recently notified of being placed on a referral list for a position stateside. This is my first referral and I have a few hypothetical questions:

1. I have applications currently in for overseas positions, if I accepted a interview with a stateside position, would that impact anything? If I accepted an interview and then declined the position would that impact my other applications?

2. If I were to accept a stateside position, will I be re-reimbursed for relocation expenses?

3. If I were to accept a stateside position, would I qualify for LQA?

Thank you!
IsItFriday? 1. Yes (Don't interview unless you plan to take the job.) 2. No 3. No
haha Yep. Basically this. ^

If you turn down an offer for any DoDEA school, it could lock you out of further recruitment for the rest of the school year. Stateside DoDEA generally does not reimburse for moves or provide housing/housing allowance.
Sep 16
HelpOthers If you really want the overseas position, I suggest not accepting the stateside interview. If the stateside location happens to offer you a position before the overseas location, you would be stuck. You would have to accept the stateside one, or not be able to accept any for the rest of the 2020-2021 school-year. On the other hand, there is the pos...See More
Sep 17

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