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I have just begun teaching overseas. I am experiencing a medical issue while here. I am currently here with just my son. My medical issue if hospitalized would leave my child alone with no family. Before going to administrator or HR is there a medical waiver I can request and be granted? I am extremely worried. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.
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Icanread I would reach out to local co-workers or your sponsor, if you have one, to make sure you have someone lined up, just in case.
Nov 20
Icanread Back in August, Dodea implemented a voluntary reassignment program. More info is here
Nov 20
IsItFriday? All the previous advice is sound.

Are you having a hard time at work? Are there other issues?

Are you on probation? If so, then tread carefully.
Nov 20
LolaTeach VPR cannot be used for probationary employees and the conditions cannot be know prior to PCS. Accordo to regs, it doesn't seem like you'd be eligible.
Nov 21
haha I'm sorry for your troubles. I went through serious health issues while teaching overseas but was fortunate to have my spouse for support and received excellent medical care on the economy.

Obviously you can request or apply for anything but the answer may be helpful, or not. If you decide you need to go back stateside for treatment, etc,...See More

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