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In a previous post HaHa mentioned the mischevious nature of the universe. On Oct 17 I was diagnoosed with COVID. While my symptoms were relatively mild I was terrified knowing that around day 9 or 10 my symptoms could take a turn for the better or significantly worse. My blood ox got pretty low a couple of times. I prayed that God would show me where he wants me to serve because a couple of nights I seriously thought I might wake up in the next life. The next day I get a referral fror a job teaching Math/physics in Europe. A day later that I received a request for an interview. I thought the interview went really well. They wanted somebody on the ground by end of January. My wife and I did the numbers and knew we would take a financial hit. We would need to get COBRA to cover us until we landed, got a CAC card, and filed for government health insurance. (I also found out that these interim international health policies do not cover pre-existing conditions....BEWARE.) We were prepared t...See More
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LolaTeach ....and the job may have been already assigned to someone else (informally of course) and you were the filler, which is never fun.
Nov 28, 2020
HelpOthers If you interviewed, then you must have qualified. It's only been a month since your interview, so unless you have been told by HR that the position was filled by someone else, it may not be over yet. Maybe that interview is preparing you for another position elsewhere. If you truly have put things in His hands, then continue to look at options that...See More
Nov 28, 2020
fmp3 what school was it for?
Dec 3, 2020
fmp3 what school was it for?
Dec 3, 2020
oldpoop85 There is indeed a lot of Wisdom here. I would not pray that I got the position over someone else. That would be silly and selfish. I really like the wisdom that: He was preparing me for something else, He is teaching patience and trust, protecting us, and that I should indeed quit confusing my dreams of Europe with serving him. Also, Count My Bless...See More
Dec 5, 2020

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