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Thanks for your response. The endorsements I have are Elementary Ed. (k-8),TESL, Social Studies (k-12), Geography 4-12, and a Masters in Technology Integration. I was able to teach MS math in my state off of my K-8 Elementary Endorsement. I'm pretty sure DODEA does not consider me qualified for MS math. I'm hopeful for an upper elementary position or MS/HS Social Studies/History.

Would love to get to Okinawa! Graduated High School from Kadena.
TravelTeacherMommy Now, I need to know more. What year were you at Kadena?
Joe Graduated in 94
TravelTeacherMommy Okay. I started at Kadena in '94. Go Panthers!
IsItFriday? You are welcome.

You've got the experience and the degrees.

The best move now might be to add something to that Social Studies cert. Something big like ELA.

Someone mentioned Math and Science. Yes, that would be great. But it doesn't seem realistic for you. Your qualifications are in another direction, meaning that you do...See More
Jan 11

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