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Hello all!

Just finished my application. We have applied for most of Europe and Japan. I am very hopeful that I will get hired. I teach Spanish and ESL. I have a masters degree in Second Language Teaching, and 4 years of experience teaching in high schools and in higher education settings.

I was wondering what others experiences have been with timing of the hiring process. I have a young family (3 children, ages 3 and under) and I need to be sure I have a job in place for the following school year to provide for them. I want to hold out on other jobs because this is definitely what we want to do, but I don't think it would be wise to wait too long.

What has been others experiences that have gotten hired? Is it likely that I won't be contacted until after July to even be interviewed? At that point, I would be nervous to not have a job lined up. Thoughts?
haha It varies wildly, from weeks to years (to never). Most interviews/hiring takes place during March to June for the following school year but continues throughout the summer and well into the school year (throughout the entire year really).

DoDEA should be a plan b (c,d, etc.) for most people. The odds are generally just too long to make con...See More
IsItFriday? Be prepared to burn bridges.

You've already limited yourself by only picking certain locations.

Placing restrictions on your availability further limits your chances of actually getting a position.

To paraphrase haha, each restriction lengthens your odds. (What are the odds? Nobody can say.)

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