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Hello can someone explain what an NTE position is? I received an interview request for one.
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Teachabroad @IsItFriday? Does that mean you could be let go at any time?
Jun 18
IsItFriday? It's means that when they hire you, the number one plan is to let you go on your not-to-exceed date.

It is a job with a built-in expiration date.

It is not a career position.
haha Agree. It "could" lead to a permanent position but there is no guarantee or likelihood of it. Overseas, it often happens that a local hire will be hired as NTE but by the ending time of that position, another slot/position has opened up and the NTE is considered for that position, barring unforeseen circumstances (particularly at the elementary lev...See More
Teachabroad Oh I see! Thank you both for explaining. I was just told that the position is for a year because the current teacher will return.
IsItFriday? The reason is not important, and may not even be true.

The significant thing is that the position is NTE, and comes will a built-in expiration date.

The other teacher? Doesn't matter. That person might return. They might return early. They might transfer/relocate/get promoted , or any one of a hundred other changes in their career...See More

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