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I have never had a NTE (Not To Exceed) one year DoDEA teaching position. Is offering NTE Teaching positions a new trend for DoDEA jobs?
Icanread It's usually for local hires. Is it overseas or stateside?
IsItFriday? An NTE is not a real teaching position. There is no contractual promise of a career. No career - no pension.

It's like some teaching version of working at an Amazon Warehouse - that's a career we all dream of for our children.

It's only suitable for someone between a rock and a hard place, like a fully qualified military spouse, w...See More
2cats @alifant, I recently finished an NTE for the virtual school americas. I was paid using the Quantico scale and remained in my home state. If I was hired by the hub I would have had to move. You are paid your hourly rate for the school days worked and not for holidays or vacations. You are needed as long as there is work. In may they decide if they n...See More
2cats @alifant my NTE had no benefits. Also, if you except an NTE postion, your application in EAS remains active and you are listed as an internal temporary applicant. I still recieved referrals while NTE.
HelpOthers NTE positions are usually filled by local applicants, because most people don't want to move for only one year and would likely have to pay for their own relocation.

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