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I have an interview tomorrow for an elementary school on Kwajalein Atoll. It is part of the Marshall Islands, and it is an American Military base, but the schools are staffed through a recruiter. From what I understand, I can still receive LQA if I ever do get an offer from DODEA. Have any of you ever heard of Kwajalein, or have any insight in working for a contractor?
IsItFriday? Good pay.


Small school & small location - many hats - at risk for micromanaging - be a good fit or leave.

Future LQA? Maybe. Nobody interviewing you on Kwaj can guarantee that statement. Nobody. That decision would be made by DoDEA HR, at some point in the future, (should you take a job).

The Kwaj i...See More
oldshack I am not sure exactly what the Compact includes. I just know a teacher leaving Kwaj just received LQA. I know this might not be true for me, but it has happened. The position is elementary technology. I am currently a principal in a small town and it seems like 98% of the population thinks that this whole COVID situation is a hoax. We are going int...See More
haha No real insights for you. It does sound like a nice change of well, everything, should you be needing one. Good luck and hang in there with whatever you decide.

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