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Hey everyone. I have a question regarding what's it like accepting a a job offer in mid year. I've been offered a job with Dodea and it looks like I won't be going till the end of the year. The offer is for Europe. I have a family with school age children.
AlreadyDODEA Confused! You were just offered a DoDEA position but it won't start until the end of the school year 2021-22 in June??? Or calendar year Dec 21? That doesnt make sense but then again we are talking about DoDEA. It is September so why the long wait?
IsItFriday? Well, basically, it sucks.

But you have to do what you have to do.

The exact date is significant. Are you moving right before Christmas, or right after? Are you going to ignore friends and family while you pack out during Christmas, or will you spend Christmas on Zoom, while living in TLF.

Either way, there's no good news...See More
haha Well, at risk of being typecast as the board pollyanna, it is basically a short inconvenience for a generally sweet long term gig (and significant lifestyle improvement for most teachers). There may be one awkward or less then ideal holiday but depending on your unique family dynamic that might or might not be out of the ordinary.

Arrivin...See More
HelpOthers I completely agree with haha. There seem to be several vacancies popping up in Pac East based on the announcements being made for internal moves, so don't give up for those still looking. Even if someone internal takes it, they will likely leave a vacancy/backfill position that needs to be filled. It seems like lately it has been taking new hires 2...See More
Sep 17
HelpOthers Oops- "Delayed" travel
Sep 17

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