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Hey everyone. I have been preparing to move to teach in Yokosuka and have been looking into cell phones. Does anyone know what company is best for cell phone plans and service around Yokosuka, Japan. Thanks!
haha Softbank seems to have some of the best coverage in the Tokyo/Yokohama region but are definitely not the cheapest. YMobile is Softbank's cheaper brand/service and uses the same network.
Sep 19
Tchr4Lf What position will you be teaching?
Sep 25
Joe Mixed Elem. at Ikego Elementary.
Sep 29
HelpOthers Softbank has an unlimited data plan and when in the US you can call and receive calls from Japan for free, but also call US numbers while in the US and use data on Spring network. YMobile has plans for children and young adults (up to 23rd birthday).

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