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I received a referral to Aviano. I have always told my wife this would be my ideal location. I can't even handle the waiting process. I want to call/email/fly over and introduce myself, anything to at least get an interview. How the heck have you handled this?
intrepidtravelr What is the position? You might post on the Facebook page for further advice or insights.
Icanread You could call or email the principal, introduce yourself, and express your desire to interview. Or you could wait and see if you get an interview.
haha It can definitely be an intense rollercoaster ride of emotions. Do your best to keep your hopes and fears at bay and keep expectations to a minimum (hope for the best but prepare for the worst).

Contacting the principal is always a bit of a wild card (e.g. slight chance of doing some good, slight chance of doing some harm, greatest chance ...See More

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