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Does anyone know if an NTE can be converted to a permanent position after 90 days? I'm currently an NTE, covering a teacher on medical leave. There are a number of openings at my school but unfortunately I didn't make the list for any of them.
IsItFriday? I don't know.

But I do know this:

Imagine a nice Federal teaching job, with great benefits is advertised to all qualified US Citizens.

But there's a catch - it's an NTE position.

Well, that changes everything. Hundreds, possibly thousands of potential applicants will move on. They are simply not interested in an...See More
Dodeahopeful @isitfriday - well imagine a military spouse with a career having to give it up to "support the mission", only to be passed over by a plank holder who has no veteran or spousal preference, just greed who left the school years ago but wants to come back because they want their "high 3" for retirement. Imagine CHRA telling the admin they can no longe...See More
IsItFriday? Your response is more of an attack. An attack against me. I didn't take your job. I'm not blocking your conversion to a permanent position.

Please don't shoot the messenger.

When I read your response objectively, I don't see anything that supports the notion that HR should abandon the rules and convert you.

The rules are ...See More
Oct 10
haha Anything is possible, but I've only heard/read about local hires (not necessarily just NTE's) being eligible for conversion to permanent status after 8 months (but two years seems more typical in reality).

The bigger/more relevant question for you should probably be why you are not on the local hire list for those positions. Have you doubl...See More

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