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I've been teaching at international schools for the last 13 years. I met my wife in an Asian country (that also has a decent sized military presence and schools there) and we're currently in the Middle East. Due to the cost involved to visit either one of our home countries, and the fact that our parents are getting older, we would like to either move back to her country or mine. I would be very happy living in her country if I could get access to a commissary and an APO box, so there's that as well.

I did a troop to teacher program and have been a state certified teacher for all but 2 years of my teaching career, as well as having 2 masters degrees (curriculum & instruction and educational leadership). DODEA says I'm missing 4 classes for them to consider my application (teaching reading, writing, math, and social studies). I was wondering if I could still get a job as a sub (my wife's country always has adverts for subs) just to get my foot in the door, then take the cla...See More
haha As far as job requirements, you are much more than qualified enough for a substitute job. The logistics/requirements for getting regular access to base will vary by location though and you would have to look into the feasibility of that.

What certification area(s) are you looking for with DoDEA? I would think that you should be able to fin...See More
Nov 6, 2021

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