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Hi all. I teach at Ankara EHS. Anyone know if DoDEA teachers get that 2.7% raise for federal employees? I'm assuming we do but I can't find confirmation anywhere. Cheers.
haha Happy New Year!

I don't believe so. We generally get our raises based on some other formula (average of stateside urban areas of 100,000+), so they vary from year to year depending on how well teachers did that year in those areas. Raises generally come in May with a nice little pro-rated amount thrown in (1K+).

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Dec 31, 2021
IsItFriday? The 2.7% raise does not apply to all Federal employees., and definitely does not apply to DoDEA teachers.

You may confirm this with your supervisor.
Slcjkl @haha, I quite enjoy Ankara. There's not much going on, if I'm being honest, but it still has good restaurants and fun places to hang out. It's close to just about everything, so the strategic location for traveling is ideal. Cheap flights to the UK/Europe, and even cheaper throughout Turkey. It's about a 3 hour drive to Cappadocia, around 3 hours ...See More

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