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I am a current DoDEA teacher, I have been applying for admin openings on USAJobs and have received many referrals for some of the postings but never an interview. My question is, if it looks bad/unprofessional to contact the community superintendent? Would it burn the bridge for that region or others? TIA!
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elvato Hey, thanks Icanread. I did not use the resume builder, I uploaded my own with key words. I was wondering about the resume builder. During my spare time today, I will create one using it.
Jan 20
Icanread If you search YouTube or google how to complete a federal resume/application, you will find lots of helpful information. I moved from a teaching position to an admin job (ISS) after extensively studying how to successfully create and tailor my USAjobs application/resume. Good luck!
Jan 21
elvato Definitely will, I started the resume builder while researching the federal resume, it's been real helpful. Thanks again for the advice!
Jan 21
Icanread Well, the link didn't activate… go to Reddit and look for the subreddit called USAjobs. Lots of great info there!
Jan 21

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