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Any help would be appreciated: I have several areas of certification on my GA teaching certificate, which are not transferring to my DoDEA certification. The areas were added through infield programs offered through the GA county I worked for. Does anyone know of a program or school that will take some of the course work & transfer it to college credit?

I truly would like to avoid redoing some of the work, re-completing a program, and having to pay for it all.
Icanread Unfortunately Dodea is more concerned about coursework. The good thing about having the certificate on your state license is that you should only need half the amount of credits in order to receive Dodea certification. For instance, in AZ, I have an endorsement in early childhood but didn't qualify for it with Dodea. Instead of 24 credits, I only n...See More
haha Agree. Maybe check and see if any schools in your state/county will give you college credit on a transcript for some of that work. Unlikely that they will and/or that DoDEA will take it, but worth a few calls/emails.

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