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Hi Everyone!

Can you be hired with just the Praxis tests (no state license)?

Little back story: I have a Master's Degree in Education and am currently working on my PHD in education. However, I have always worked in Montessori or Private schools that didn't require me to have a state license. I am working on getting my state license but wanted to see if the Praxis exams would suffice (my state is very slow on getting anything done/answering questions).

My father is retired Army and will be working in Europe as a civilian and I would like to be able to move with him and my family. Thanks!
IsItFriday? Yes.

But check the other requirements very carefully to ensure you have all the correct education courses they require.

Following your family around as an adult is not going to be easy. A more reasonable plan might be simply to be in the same Area. Don't plan on being on the same base, or in the same country.

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