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Hello all,

It has been a long wait, but I got my first interview. It is for a local hire in Japan. Although this question is redundant, in that I am sure it has been asked and answered here many times, does anyone have any useful tips for the process. I would like to try and prepare as much as possible. I have seen some lists of common questions from 2021, which I have copied over to a file, but the questions could have changed since then.

Thank you
haha Fingers crossed for you. I haven't seen any recent interview questions (try the FB page, if you haven't already). In the PAC East, the powers that be have been really focused on collaboration between content areas, student led discourse, school-wide initiatives to improve test scores, etc. If you can, try and work your experience, or at least your ...See More
Nov 4, 2022
SocialStudiesLivinginJapan Thank you for the kind comments. I am certainly nervous. Could I ask a few questions I couldn't find on the net? I am sure you know the answers. Since I would be classified as a local hire, are there still discounts for flying back to America? I saw the (RAT) program, but it seemed like eligibility is selective. My "home" is in America for sure, bu...See More
Nov 7, 2022
Icanread As a local hire, you won't qualify for RAT, unfortunately. It's part of the hiring incentive for those being hired from the US.

You won't qualify for LQA either, but I believe you will receive post allowance and of course, retirement and medical.

There is a Facebook page called "Dodds/Dodea (teachers interested)" that is very acti...See More
Nov 18, 2022
SocialStudiesLivinginJapan Thank you for the information. I am on day 12 waiting for a response after my interview. Feeling pretty on edge waiting. It has been 7 years waiting on a list, I moved forward with a university career in Japan, and became fluent in the language, but I update every in the EAS system.
Nov 21, 2022

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