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Hello! I am new to all of this. My youngest is on Active Duty and just got her first duty post in Alaska. Since I am an empty nester, I decided to dive into the DODEA world. I applied this weekend and my references have already been completed. I didn't target any specific areas in Europe as I am just wanting to enjoy living overseas.

I have so many questions! I have read a few posts and saw some people have been on waitlists for over seven years!!! Is that in general or country specific?

Also, if you live overseas, do you live on post? Is relocation included in your package as well as housing?

How long does the process take?

I am so excited!! Thank you!
Woodsie Good luck! The more certifications you have, the better your chances, I think. This might help you with some of your questions:
Dec 14, 2022
haha Circumstances will vary wildly for almost every question you ask. Some people are hired right away. Some people wait years (it took 4 for us). Many people are never hired. Location is one factor but is mostly down to luck. We expected to get hired in the Pacific but were actually offered Europe first and moved to Japan via the transfer round after ...See More
Dec 15, 2022
lma324 Good luck Jenn!! It only took me a few months to get hired after applying (which I know now is a rarity) but I have a bachelors in teaching with certs in Elem. Ed (PreK-5); 6-12 English; and Teacher of the Visually Impaired with 5+ years experience. I also have a Masters in Library and Info Science so I got hired as a school librarian. Get as MANY ...See More
Feb 15

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