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Hello, everyone. Happy holiday season.

I recently decided to reapply for DoDEA. I had an offer but had to reject 2 school years ago. I know this might hurt my chances of getting hired (or so I've been told).

So most of paper work doesn't change for me. I selected my school to be 23-24. I was told to re-upload the documents so that it would trigger for the system to reconsider me for 23-24. So I did that last night.

I know that it is a waiting game. It took me years to get that previous offer and that's why it was very difficult for me to reject it when I had to do so. But is there anything else do I need to upload or do before being considered again?

Thank you in advance.
Icanread The new hiring season (for 23-24) won't start until March at the earliest. Right now, administrators are still hiring for the current school year.
Jan 1, 2023

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