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Does my HOR remain the same? I have not had a break in service but have changed from teacher/ISS/teacher positions. I started overseas, moved stateside as an ISS, moved to a second stateside location as a teacher, and now would like to go back overseas as a teacher. Would my HOR change to my current location stateside even though it is not my HOR or would I be able to keep my HOR from my first orders moving overseas?
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haha Also, some people have successfully requested an alternate location for return PCS. As long as it does not cost the gov't more money, it could well happen for you (or not, depending on you ask, when you ask, how you ask, etc. :S :D :()
IsItFriday? Did you make contact? What did HR say?
Feb 10
ecd5 I'm waiting on my official job offer. Once things move forward, I'll ask.
Feb 27
ecd5 I'm filling out the DD1616 and it asks for my "actual residence at time of appointment (to be determined at time of initial agreement)." And since this is not my initial appointment, I am putting the residence when I first was hired. The form also asks for last PDS location. The notes below on the form say that I will be eligible for return travel ...See More
Dr. Ali Fant I argued back and forth with CHRA on my HOR. My HOR is Fairbanks Ak, but I could not get back there with my car during the pandemic. Not wishing to leave my vehicle behind in the Lower 48 and fly, I took a teaching position in the extremely remote Colville National Forest US Forest School. It was 5 hours (one way) to the nearest military or even sm...See More
Mar 14

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