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So I am thinking about applying for some schools overseas, more specifically, Japan. My question is, I was trying to find a pay scale rate for the DODEA and I could not find one. I don't want to apply for a job over there and not make enough to survive or be totally broke the entire time. Any insight would be helpful
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Jay What would be the housing allowance in Japan ?
Feb 22
haha The amount doesn't actually matter. Every location in Japan would provide an ample LQA that would cover a nice sized house and all utilities. You only receive what you need/actually spend.
Feb 22
Jay Thank you again. So what happens to the LQA if you dont use all of it each month?
Feb 28
haha You still receive/bank it in the short term. After the first year (and then every two years), you are supposed to reconcile your estimated expenses (which you submit when you initiate your LQA at a new location) against your actual expenses (and have to submit the receipts). You will then get a debt letter if you over-estimated your expenses or a r...See More
Feb 28
Dr. Ali Fant HaHa is correct. I am a single person living in a 3 bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and laundry room. I took the first hourse I could get after waiting months and paying for my hotel room on base. Turns out that the government only provides reimbursement for about 60 days at the base LTF. I placed plastic sheeting over the stairs to the sec...See More
Mar 14

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