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I had 2 interviews in my desired location and references were checked for both. Yesterday I received an offer from interview #1. During the interview I was told I was being interviewed for a specific grade, but my offer says mixed. I'm not sure how I feel about that. The other issue is I would prefer location #2, as I'm more comfortable and experienced with that grade level which would make me look more competent during the probation period. Conventional wisdom tells me accept #1 and get the ball rolling because there is no guarantee of an offer from #2 (I know there's no guarantee of #1 even at this point), but there's still a guilty feeling deep down knowing that if #2 comes in with an offer I'm jumping on that one. Thoughts?
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haha Welcome aboard! Well, if you are committed to joining DoDEA than you need to address that other situation as soon as possible. Or at least let them know the situation. There is a always very slim chance that something would prevent you from getting a firm offer but it is fairly rare (unless you know of something in your education, training, certifi...See More
Jun 16
aktionjaq Therein lies the problem, I'm international and the new job is in a new country. I've read on here for years how hard it is to get into dodea and was pretty happy when my credentials were finally accepted, but never thought anything would really come of it. Then the referrals started coming, and it was a lot (mid 20's). Then I started getting inter...See More
Jun 19
haha That is interesting. I would agree that if you know you want in to DoDEA, then you should take the opportunity now, rather than later (unless the new int'l job is at one of those top tier/elite int'l schools that are as hard/almost as hard to get into as DoDEA, and offer comparable salary/benefits).

Speaking of benefits though, has the su...See More
Jun 19
aktionjaq I don't think it's top tier, but life/work/salary/insurance/housing are decent enough that my family lives a good life. The salary is a big issue for me though, as the dodea salary I'm currently being offered is almost exactly what I'm putting into my bank account, meaning after taxes are taken out, I'm taking what feels like a huge pay cut. I've s...See More
Jul 13
haha Well, it sounds like joining DoDEA is not the slam dunk step up that it is for many/most teachers (which is a good thing, in that your current life is pretty good). Some factors beyond salary might end up being an improvement with DoDEA. Post Allowance will be an additional tax free source of income (ranges from $200 to $500 per paycheck depending ...See More
Jul 14

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