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This girl is a NBCT!!

I certified CTE, took all 4 components in one year- well, I took C1 last year, but re-took one of the essay questions to raise my score (and did!). I spent every afternoon working and reworking on this from December 2016 to May! I also graduated with my Ed.S in May! I did this basically on my own, as most of the groups did not provide the help needed in my field.

This is do-able, y'all! for those that are still in the process- just stick to the facts- answer only what they ask in detail with evidence!!!

Just wanted to send out a thank you and shout out!!!

I utilized this board to help me find answers to my one million and one questions and concerns I had! And through this board I located what appeared to be a tiny book of hoopla- but in turn it served as the best resource I could have possibly had! Thank you, What Works! Your small but mighty and fierce books helped keep my thinking/writing streamlined!

Yippppeeeeee!...See More
kennethcooper2 Just curious, why would you need to raise your score on a question? Don't you either just pass or fail each component? New at this and trying to figure it out. Thanks.
Dec 31, 2017
cathy When you retook an essay question, was it one of the questions you had previously? I missed passing by .07 of a point. I scored my best score on 1 so I'm concerned about scoring higher. Any suggestions
Jan 1, 2018

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