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    Re: No Child Left Behind
    Spec ed

    We are only allowed to exempt a very small percentage of Spec ed
    students. Last year that amounted to two for our school. All
    other Spec ed students no matter how low, their abilities were
    took the same test as the rest of the students and then were sub
    grouped as well.

    This policy really hurts the district that my daughter attends.
    They developed several special programs specifically designed for
    certain students. They have several schools located next door to
    hospitals and clinics, so the programs were very specific and
    targeted. Because of our state's open enrollment policy, many
    parents from districts as far away as 40 miles, transfered their
    children to these programs. This obviously all happened prior to
    NCLB, Now every year these schools where the programs are located
    get nailed for not meeting APY in their Spec Ed programs. As a
    district they are also getting nailed for the fact that their Spec
    Ed student to reg student ratio is so out of proportion compared
    to the state norm. What the state officially refuses to
    acknowledge or to be more precise has no place on their checklist
    to acknolwegde is that the reason the districts numbers are so out
    of whack is not because of children who live with in its borders,
    but because it is such an incredible program it attracks many
    families from outside districts, Since that possibility wasn't
    written into the officially checklist, the district failed.

    How is that for the irony of having a successful program.