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Not that anyone here can really affect what happens at their homes, but one BIG problem is kids don't read for fun and enjoyment at home.

Enter: academic problems.

My hero, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, started to turn around his abysmal academic record when his mom insisted he turn off the TV and read 2 books weekly starting when he was 10.

Most kids probably need to start reading at home for at least an hour daily in kindergarten, and then just extend the time to 2-3 hours daily thereafter if they want to improve their reading comprehension. Dr. Carson is just very smart, which is why he could get that late start and still benefit substantially.

It's a pity parents don't realize books are just as absorbing a babysitter as a TV show. With academic benefits.

And that's also the reason you can keep throwing money at schools, but kids will continue to fail. They NEED that enjoyable reading time at home for personal entertai...See More

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