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    Re: NCLB is a Joke

    NCLB is not a joke, it is a bad nightmare! All students
    are expected to learn the same material and at the same
    rate, regardless of their talents and abilities. We are a
    nation of individuals, not robots! Since when does it
    make sense for all students to be able to pass a class in
    Algebra II if they plan to work on the family farm or be an
    auto mechanic? What happened to freedom of choice? It has
    been denied to our students by the bureaucrats in D.C. who
    know nothing about education and have never been a
    classroom teacher. Both presidential candidates support
    NCLB, wanting to reform it and fund it more. It needs to
    be repealed, not reformed, and it is time that classroom
    teachers who know the truth about what it is doing to
    education speak up!!! The unfortunate truth is that our
    jobs depend on our remaining silent, much to the detriment
    of education in this country and to the destruction of our
    students' desire to learn what they need to know to succeed
    in life.


    On 7/26/08, Chris IL wrote:
    > Our district is the same. I think it is an IL thing. We
    > have a gifted magnet
    > school as well as self contained programs for children
    > who receive severe ED or special ed. labels. They are
    > receiving appropriate education. However, the
    > "gifted" scores are reported to the school
    > they attend while the other program scores are reported
    > to their home schools. I don't think that school should
    > take the hit for all those below scores, but I think it
    > would be fair, if we are separating scores based on
    > attendance area, that both sets of scores be reported
    > to their home school.
    > On 7/10/08, 3rdChicago wrote:
    >> Our school was in a similar boat. In summer 2007, we
    >> were initially told we made AYP. Then when we came
    >> back to school in September 2007, the state came back
    >> to us and took it away, claiming that after they
    >> factored in all the students in our attendance are -
    >> met our goals.
    >> So, in short - all of our ACTUAL students met the
    >> goals and reached AYP. Students WHO DO NOT ATTEND,
    >> AND NEVER HAVE ATTENDED, our school did NOT meet the
    >> goals but counted against us because they are within
    >> our boundary.
    >> And now we "NEED IMPROVEMENT."
    >> I can't wait for NCLB to GO AWAY.
    >> On 7/07/08, doh wrote:
    >>> This is what NCLB has done for my school.
    >>> I teach in a middle school that has come off of
    >>> Needs Improvement list about 4 years ago. I teach
    >>> in an inner city style school. There are children
    >>> who have never stepped foot in our school because
    >>> of behavioral problems and they go to a special
    >>> behavior school.
    >>> YET, because they live in our attendance zone, all
    >>> of their attendance and test score information
    >>> counts towards our school. We have 50 students who
    >>> have never gone to our school, who live in our
    >>> attendance zone, and have failed all of their state
    >>> mandated tests, and now they have counted against
    >>> us, and we are going back on the Needs Improvement
    >>> List.
    >>> Is that what NCLB was supposed to do? Punish a
    >>> school for students who don't even go there!!!!!