Re: To Sheila
    The RIGHT Carolyn

    I don't "HATE" it, I just don't see how it improves reading
    comprehension or motivation.

    Ironically, I just received an email from a parent upset with me
    over the AR report her child is getting. As a result of her
    student not "understanding" he was supposed to do AR this past
    quarter, he received a "not meeting goals" on his report card.

    Now, I READILY admit I did NOT tell him he was to be doing AR. I
    assumed he already knew what it was. See, that's the problem I am
    having. The person who is compiling the data and basically
    running the system did not inform me that I was actually "in
    charge" of the students reaching their goals. Hence, a new
    student to the school who didn't know a darn thing about AR went
    the entire quarter clueless about it (as was I)

    That's the reason why I do not like the way this system is set
    up. We are reading a novel in class and the students are fully
    comprehending this novel. THAT is more accurate of a
    comprehension measurement to me, as a teacher, than a software
    program with 22 questions in it. I don't understand how a student
    who gets an A from me in regards to the standard "demonstrates
    literal comprehension" in MY class, can fail that on an AR test.
    Does this make sense?

    I also had a student who took NUMEROUS AR tests, and failed MOST
    of them. So, she's not comprehending them either. Is it MY fault
    she's not comprehending books she's read independently? No, it is
    not. Is it my job to analyze the data and "fix" this problem?
    Yes, it is. Is that fair? No, it is not.

    I have been given NO guidance, except for my co teacher who went
    over the reports with me, on AR this past Friday. I have tried
    numerous times to access the information, but cannot even sign on
    to the system. Yet, I am being expected to monitor this and fix
    issues on books I haven't read myself? THAT is my overall issue I
    have with this.

    By the way, the parent told me that her child told her that a lot
    of the kids in my school are going to see the movie versions of
    the book, then taking AR tests for points. Since I consider this
    cheating, I consider this evidence that AR is not an accurate way
    to measure reading achievement. I can safely bet that many, many
    students across the country are doing that very same thing --
    cheating by seeing the movie just for the sake of wracking up
    their point totals.

    Just my thoughts.

    On 9/28/09, Deb ms/IA wrote:
    > This was addressed to Carolyn it wasn't from Carolyn.
    > Carolyn has torn apart AR since her first post. Her school
    > is implementing AR incorrectly and Carolyn hates AR with a
    > passion and states that quiet often on this board. Instead
    > of making changes and using AR properly she just complains.
    > Sorry for the confusion on your part. It was meant to
    > address Carolyn and the fact I don't get all her whining.
    > Deb ms/IA
    >>> On 9/26/09, I don't get you Carolyn wrote:
    >>>> 60 percent on any work isn't passing work in some
    >>>> grading scales. It doesn't matter if its a book
    >>>> talk on a book or any type of project on a book 60
    >>>> percent isn't that great.
    >>>> Your ignorance/intolerance/anger with AR is
    >>>> showing. AR is not all about numbers nor is it
    >>>> about punishing kids. Please, you and your school
    >>>> need training on how to properly run AR. When you
    >>>> get that training, implement that training then
    >>>> come back and issue your opinions on AR. Until then
    >>>> stop your whining and complaining. Do something
    >>>> about the problem!
    >>>> On 9/26/09, Carolyn wrote:
    >>>>> I think focusing on points instead of reading
    >>>>> enjoyment and comprehension is the wrong way to
    >>>>> look at learning. That makes it all about a
    >>>>> number to obtain, not the material from the book.
    >>>>> Kids at my school get punished for not making
    >>>>> their goals. This is not a motivating factor,
    >>>>> it's a punitive fear of failure.
    >>>>> I still don't get the whole point of AR. A book
    >>>>> is better understood by talking about it, not by
    >>>>> taking multiple choice tests. Ugh.