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For my protection no names will be given in this post. One of the students I mentor was given a book outside his reading level. It was a book with nearly 90 pages and this student has never read a book that was more than 28 pages. I told her she needs to move him up slowly rather than jump over so many levels. To my dismay, when the student came home I found out that he'd been told to sit and look at the pictures and read what he could of the book. He admitted he only read the first couple of pages and skipped to the back, meaning he hadn't read the full book. AR rules prohibit a student testing on a book they haven't fully read. To top this off, the teacher sat with him as he tested, looking through the book for the answers to the test. This is not allowed on an AR test and my belief is the teacher is trying to up her students' scores to make herself look good. I contacted the principal and all she said basically was that the test could be deleted. There was no "I'll have a discu...See More

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