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We have used AR for years at our school in grades 4-8. Below that (grades pre-k-3) is is optional for the students to take tests. Sometimes a child scores below a 60 and gets no points at all. Our principal has listened to many parents gripe about that over the years. Can anyone tell me who that is handled at your school? The principal thinks they should still get some points or be able to retake the test, do a book report or something to get credit for reading a book. I say you can get 40% by watching a movie on some books, and just by probability with 4 choices, you should get a 25% just by guessing so should you get points for that? I'd like your thoughts on this please.
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Deb ms/IA Carolyn your posts force me to ask if you are a real teacher. This board does get people who post as teachers just to raise a stink. Your posts reflect a real issue of problem solving on your part. Your expertise is in writing and speech and not in reading. I to am HQT! I have my reading specialists and am certified preschool-12 for reading. I have...See More
Nov 1, 2009
Carolyn I totally agree with you, Deb. I am deficient (but not incompetent) in teaching reading. My strengths are in writing. I prefer writing to reading, to tell you the truth. Teaching reading is difficult for me because I am not always sure where to go or what to do with the reading that is engaging and effective. I myself am not a rabid reader. I prefe...See More
Nov 1, 2009
Jake Sounds like your school staff needs to keep you in the loop if they want a successful Reading program. 9 times out of 10 that is the issue and yourself as a teacher are not given the tools you need nor the communication you need to be successful.

As for the watch a movie, take a test, I read somewhere that the AR company actually will re-...See More
Nov 2, 2009
Gi GI You as a teacher did not know to tell a student they were supposed to be working on a school wide assignment? You think it is unfair for you to used data to determine what a student needs? That is what teaching is about. If a student is not comprehending books on the level that they are reading you are supposed to lower the level of books that they...See More
Sep 2, 2012
Sheila Gi Gi, I hope this response was to Carolyn and not to me. I wrote my original question three years ago and Carolyn responded to my question. My issue has been resolved long ago. By the way, you'd be more helpful if you weren't calling other teachers lazy and gave some practical advice.

On 9/02/12, Gi GI wrote: > You as a teacher did no...See More
Sep 3, 2012

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