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Re: students rating teachers, by name, online - better idea

    On 12/01/04, charles lansrub wrote:
    > On 8/20/04, Vance wrote:
    >> On 8/18/04, Kim brown wrote:
    >>> On 8/17/04, Vance wrote:
    >>>> On 8/17/04, Kim wrote:
    >>>>> By the way Vance, talk about not knowing anything. Slander has nothing,
    >>> whatsoever to do with whether or not people take things seriously. It has
    >>> to do with intent. If intent is malicious and what is said is untrue that
    >>> is slander. Look it up.
    >>> Freedom of speech does not mean you can say anything, anywhere with no
    >>> consequences. I am sorry that you feel so threatened you need to resort to
    >>> name calling rather than having a civilized, intelligent discussion. An
    >>> adult calling another adult an idiot? That is less than I would expect from
    >>> my Junior High School students. I feel sorry for your students, that's for
    >>> sure.
    >> I already said I'm 17. This is what I was talking about in my other post,
    >> where you ignorant people don't read the entire thread before posting. So you
    >> are ignorant.
    >> And what do you mean, I feel "threatened?" Threatened about what? There's
    >> nothing to be afraid of. I think you're just posting BS.
    >> Anyway, yeah, I'm sure school administrators or lining up to get on to
    >> ratemyteachers to see how kids rate the teachers.
    >> My point is....WHO CARES?! Stop taking things so seriously! Honestly, if
    >> someone was saying bad things about me on the internet, I'd IGNORE IT. It's
    >> just a dumb site where kids say a bunch of crap about their teachers, and
    > they
    >> probably don't mean it! They're probably just mad because they failed a class
    >> or wasn't one of the teacher's favourites! The kids probably think it to be
    >> true, 'cause most kids are dumb and aren't focused on actual teaching
    > ability.
    >> And if the kids there are saying things that are against the law, then why
    >> isn't anyone taking them to court? It's not hard to track an IP, if you're
    >> wondering how you can catch them.
    >> Oh wait, I know why. Because no judge in their right mind would send someone
    >> to jail because they said "OMG MY TEACHER, WHAT AN ASS, I HATE HIM/HER! THEY
    >> typical teenage nonsense, which is what you should do.
    >> And about your thing about graduating a bunch of Universities, big deal. You
    >> read my idiot comment and thought I was insulting your intelligence, so you
    >> start rambling on about Harvard, when in fact I thought your COMMENT about
    >> rateyourteachers manipulating kids was idiotic, which I still believe is
    > true.
    >> you guys suck i hate almost all teachers
    >> our opinions do matter you dum people and most people actualy
    >> hate their teachers please respond to my email adress if
    >> you have anything to say. as a matter of fact, IM me.