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Teacher salary and school funding is constantly a hot topic in this country. In some states and areas within states, schools are funded very well and teachers are paid a fair wage, but for the most part, this is not the case. Especially in Colorado, teachers are paid very unfairly as schools are stuffed with students and the cost of living is ever increasing. It is so essential that we as teachers advocate for change in this area. It is impossible for community members and policy-makers to know about the ailing situation for teachers if no teachers speak up about it. There are so many things that teachers can do to get the salary and funding that they deserve and it all starts with advocacy. Whether you have one minute per week to dedicate to the cause or a few hours every day, you can advocate for higher teacher wage and increased funding. Teacher advocacy doesn't always mean grand gestures and big events. Everyone can be a teacher advocate and it is extremely important that teachers...See More

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