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Re: students rating teachers, by name, online - better idea
first-rate teacher

    On 7/17/04, first-rate teacher wrote:
    > On 7/16/04, Vance wrote:
    >> On 7/11/04, Jose wrote:
    >>> We could set up a web site called "Rate My Students.Com".
    >>> Teachers could look up their school and idividual students and
    >>> post some jibberish or put-down about them on the site for the
    >>> entire world to see! Of course, angsty teachers need a place to
    >>> post degrading and stupid things to let off some steam. I am
    >>> sure the parents and the children would love to see all the
    >>> things that teachers have to say about them! Give me a break.
    >>> It can be degrading and it is ridiculous. The site gives an
    >>> outlet for hatred towards others. One nearby school had to
    >> block
    >>> the URL because students were using the school computers and
    >>> their computer lab times to spend time on the rate my teacher
    >> web-
    >>> site. I could really care a less about what a student posts
    >>> about me on the site, but of course, I am a man and all my
    >>> postings are positive (that is a totally different issue).
    >>> Anyways, just something to think about. God bless and love

    >>> Jose
    >> Lots of URLs are blocked. All gaming, pornographic, and other non-
    >> educational sites are blocked at my school. It's not uncommon. If
    >> kids really want to access ratemyteachers, they can do it at home.
    > Hi Vance and Jose:
    > Thanks fo responding. I would like each teacher to view the comments,
    > on these web sites, with an eye for detail and write back. I would
    > be interested in patterns/coincidences that you and other teachers
    > observe, given that most of us know our co-workers fairly well.I
    > appreciate you visiting and yes our administration blocks some sit>
    as well. First-rate teacher