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I am a special ed teacher. I started in the middle of last school year after transferring from another district. Right away, I was concerned with ALL the special ed kids being removed from the inclusion classrooms about twice per week for tests and quizzes. The Gen Ed teachers I work with told me that I needed to remove them to read the tests to them. After doing this for about a week, I finally got enough courage up to talk to my supervisor about this. Basically, I was concerned that this practice went against IDEA laws, specifically Least Restrictive Environment, which clearly states students should only be removed from inclusion classes if supplemental aids and services cannot be provided in class. My issue was these services could be provided in class - modified tests, clarify directions, even read test aloud if that was in their IEP. Plus, it totally osticized the kids and I felt bad. Long story short, director of special services got involved and made the practice immediately sto...See More

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