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It is one thing to have a rate my teacher site. It is another when the negative comments come up on the search engine site instead of only when the link is opened and the on-line site accessed. This means anyone typing in a personal name will see and read this before anything. The lies can be very damaging to a person's professional reputation. Funny how all the positive things from parents and students are not posted at all let alone first.
A professional principal does not care.. Any principal worth working for knows: Teens bash teachers because they failed the class, the teacher caught them with pot and reported it, the teens feel the teacher gives too much homework, etc. Just because a teen (or even many teens) bashed a teacher does NOT mean the teacher is weak and shouldn't be considered for a job.

Even if comm...See More
Mar 17, 2012
Anonymous Taught for less than a year nearly a decade ago, only person who appears when you google my name (thanks, mom), and very worried about job outcomes in my current field, in which people will not get sued for judging me based on what a pissed-off thirteen-year-old decided to say, especially because the petty comment was removed, but the poor ratings ...See More
Jan 6, 2017

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