Re: How did you "clean" the keys? Do you have apple care? ne

    >> thanks -- i did clean the three keys that i thought were affected
    >> but it still doesn't work. i was sure this was the problem. i will
    >> try again tomorrow and do the whole keyboard although theright hand
    >> caps works ERRTTTTTYYYU So weird. i don't know why still, i guess.
    >> paulieno, i don't have apple care/

    Well, the poster said to lift the cap off the keys and dust out. . . i guess the link they left me told
    me to do that. i did that and got rid of a few crumbs gently --because i had no compressed air.

    it did not work for me yesterday and i see i have no caps again today unless i use the right side
    LIKE THIS. i got to busy and forgot to clean the rest of the keys that might not be affected.