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First, thank you for any help you can give me. I greatly appreciate it!

I am using mac OS Sierra, Version 10.12.6 The powerpoint program I'm using is Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac Version 15.30

I created slideshows, with music inserted on the slides with lyrics for my Kindergarten class. I made a folder of music, inside a folder on the desktop.

To insert music, I would go to "insert", choose "audio", then "audio from file". At that point, my folder with kid music would pop open, and I would choose a .m4a song file, and insert it. While that file was selected, I would click on "Playback", choose to start "automatically", then check "Play across slides".

In the beginning, this would work. Then, the songs stopped responding when the slide was opened. I then went through the process again, only to find that the message I got when I tried to reinsert the music was "PowerPOint couldn't insert a sound from the selected file."

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