Re: Mac/Photoshop Question

    Are you wanting to edit in Photoshop but use iPhoto to manage the pics? If so,
    open iPhoto's preferences and choose the General Tab. In the place where it says
    Edit Photo: click and choose a different application. It may say HP Edit already,
    just click that and then choose the Photoshop app.If you are meaning double clicking from within a Finder window, use Neal's info.

    On 2/15/08, Katydid wrote:
    > I accidently made HP Edit as edit preference and now cannot
    > get my iPhoto pics to open up in Photoshop. I can slide the
    > pics down to the bar but I want them to also open up when I
    > click. I tried preferences but it no longer gives me the
    > Photoshop option. How do I change this back?