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I am trying to find a better clay than Amaco's Versa Clay. My school was using it before I came for about 20 years. I love its plasticity, but I find that coming out of the bag it is not well-pugged - some huge and many smaller air bubbles in every block! I just do not have time to wedge every new block of clay with 450 students each semester. It has to be on our purchaser list, which includes NASCO, Blick, TRIARCO, Bailey's Pottery, and SAXs, and not cost more than $22 for $50 lbs - that's why I am looking at the possibilities below:


Blick Low Fire Talc clay (

Blick Low Fire Talc Free Clay


Bailey's Pottery: (Bailey's are only 44lbs each, tho)

Bailey's Low Fire Talc Free ( - $17.60 for 6 t...See More
ANM34 Shoot - meant to include this in that post - Does anyone have any feedback about these clays - plastic enough? De-aired well?
Oct 17, 2017

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