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Does anyone have any great ideas for substituting resources in visual arts lessons? Most visual arts lessons require a lot of resources. I used to buy a lot of resources for my visual arts lessons but then one of my work collegues suggested to substitute resources. It is easy to substitute resources which are more readily available in schools. For example, instead of using coloured papers, students can colour the white paper with crayons and oil pastels. Instead of buying hats or eye patches, teachers can provide photocopied templates to students. For one of my visual arts lessons, students had to create a rain scene. This activity was based on one of the books that we had read that term. I used plain white paper which students coloured and used the classroom tissues instead of buying cotton balls.

If you do have any ideas for substituting art resources, which are available at homes or in schools, then please do share your ideas. Thanks
Matthew August Something to consider for a school project?
Apr 16

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